Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Religions royal pain in the butt

I mentioned last week that Religion has been giving me some problems recently. Now I am sure at some point I may share some finer details of that event, but it really got me to thinking how much religion and religious people have affected my life due to their stupid beliefs. So here is a list of just some events off the top of my head.

1) Getting a deadline moved earlier (when I was already overloaded with deadlines) as a colleague had to go to mosque during the last week of Ramadan. Funny I don't get the same treatment to well not believe in invisible things...

2) Getting harassed when watching TV or entertaining friends by a "friendly" knock on the door.

3) Getting told that Jesus is the only psychiatrist that can solve my depression problem. Guess they don't know I was a Christian? Oh my bad..... I was not a real Christian.

4) Having to sit through prayers opening meetings.

5) Getting told the reason a friend survived a near fatal accident was God, when the exhausted doctor had just brought us the news.

6) Getting told the reason a friend had a miscarriage was Gods way of making sure only perfect babies are born and its all in his plan.

7) Getting told by a Muslim that the Koran has never been changed and its the true word of god. Of course this is only true for the Sunni, as the Shia don't understand the true word of god?

8) An ex-girlfriend dumping me as she believes we could not have a real relationship as without God threesomes are impossible. Actually I think theists don't like relationships with atheists as it makes them realize you don't need a god to be moral.

9)Getting told that the atheist (insert family relation here) who died will be seen in heaven as really said person was a Christian. In other words, this makes me feel good and I don't like to be reminded that my (insert family relation) is in hell.

10) Seeing people suffer financially, as the right thing to do is tithe the ten percent to the Church. Apparently food is for the weak?

Short list, but really just some of the reasons that religion really gets under my skin.

Needless to say this excludes all the other minor problems that religions create, like murder, rape, incest, pedophilia, war, etc. (sarcasm intended)