Friday, 19 December 2014

Once upon a time their was a riot due to the death of an innocent person....

Once upon a time their was a riot due to the death of an innocent person called Mark Duggan, these riots were called the 2011 England riots and started in London Tottenham where Duggan lived. Duggan got killed by police officers during an operation where they believed he was involved in planning an attack as well as buying illegal weapons.

These riot ended in looting, burning of cars, more deaths etc etc. Look at the video belowfor some of the riot action.

Anyway turns out that Duggan was not as innocent as his family and everyone claimed to be. In fact he had illegally bought a gun, and was been monitored by the police for some time. This is besides been arrested and investigated for murder and attempted murder. Oh and he was also convicted for handling stolen goods and smoking marijuana. So it turns out the sweet innocent boy was not so sweet and innocent, so much so that the police got cleared and the killing was deemed lawful.

When I first heard this news, I was outraged then I heard the evidence and I changed my mind. Same thing with Michael Brown at first I was outraged, but then I heard the evidence.

BTW, here is some evidence about number one star witness who said Michael Brown had his hands up then said in fact thats not true, he also said Brown assaulted or had an altercation with police officer Wilson (see 1:00 in the video below).

And then you get people saying stuff like "The most common misconception I’m hearing is that Mike Brown was significantly larger than Officer Wilson. This is incorrect. On page 198 of the official grand jury transcript, you can see that Officer Wilson testifies he is 6 ft 4 and weighs 210 lbs"
No! Brown was 292 lbs, that is a back street boy larger than Officer Wilson.

How about we listen to the police officer and give him a chance. After all it seems that he was a well trained cop, and is actually upset about what is happening in Ferguson. He thinks the riots are no good for the community.

Lastly, even if everything I have written is wrong. Even if the grand jury and the police are lying. To go running around looting, burning stuff down in good old riot fun is unacceptable for people that are meant to be taking the moral high road. Its disgusting behavior by idiots that can't think. Just go home and let justice serve its course.