Friday, 12 December 2014

Michael Shermer rape allegations versus the sceptic

I have never given the rape allegations against Michael Shermer much thought really. The main reason I have never bothered is simple really, the first time I heard about it was from a quote by PZ Meyers @ Freethoughtblogs and some other quotes from the SkepChicks, and to be honest, I don't trust these groups as reliable sources. However, this idea/slander/allegation has been gaining traction in some parts of the atheist/skeptic community with quotes like "regarding Michael Shermer’s rape of a drunk woman and his subsequent protection by many of the most powerful and influential men in the atheist movement". So I thought, hey why don't we do what everybody should do when presented with claims like this, and lets go look at the evidence.

Full disclosure: I do not have access to any police reports etc. So I have to base my views on the publicly available evidence.

First I decided to do what anyone would do, I went to Google and typed in "Michael Shermer rape" and then....... I pressed the news button after all this is usually better than trusting some blog which is after all just an opinion. Yes, this is my opinion!

Needless to say, I found zero news articles (a few opinion pieces) detailing any such events. This was strange, as this is not what one would expect when such serious allegation are being thrown around. Remember that guy called Mike Tyson and his rape conviction, try typing that into Google and you will find tons of references to his conviction. So where is this all coming from? Why are people saying this is true when there is no evidence? Why should I trust one person over another person, are we not told to not believe personal testimony as it is unreliable?

I am sorry, this is not skepticism. Call me a chauvinist if you want, but the facts show that these are baseless accusations and they deserve to be discredited just as any other baseless accusation or belief.