Monday, 29 December 2014

Its okay to be wrong

When I think about what I want to write in this post, it seems that I surely must have  written this post at least a million times either in my mind or in comments and blogs. So, if you feel you have heard this from me before, maybe you have.

In a nutshell, no one likes to be wrong. Be you an atheist, theist, 9/11 truther, etc. However, today his post is dedicated towards fellow atheists. This not wanting to be wrong effect is really strange coming from atheists, as we are meant to be skeptics. Yet atheists are some of the hardest headed people I know. They truly refuse to budge. Before you point out the obvious, I know I am guilty of this too but I do try my best to be skeptical and in fact I have said I was wrong on more than one occasion when shown the facts. I will go on record further to say I also was wrong to ban one religious  commentator on my blog who I thought was a troll. The initial ban of this person was due to their comments  leading to a lot of ridiculous comment fights which seemed pointless and they were. However, it turns out the people I should have banned were the atheists  (the real trolls in this situation) that kept the in fighting going as they really did not have much constructive criticism otherwise. So, I was wrong. See its really not that hard to say.

We as atheists, we are quick to criticize theists for holding ridiculous ideas about Jesus, Muhammad, Allah, pink unicorns, Buddha and the list goes on. Yet, when we feel we are right and social justice is on our side we don't want to change our opinions. Put more simply, if you are a male like me, you don't want to sound like a chauvinist or racist. But, this is not how skepticism works, skepticism follows the facts and if people call you a chauvinist or a racist for following the facts, then they are the idiots and not you. Some obvious examples that have occurred recently which have resulted in people not being able to focus skeptically, are issues such as Michael Brown or the hollaback campaign. Or should I say that people seem to think these issue are simple race and sex issues when this has clearly been shown to be wrong.

Lastly, remember you are not alone, even scientists do not like to be wrong. But that is why the peer review process exists, to make sure that only the correct information gets printed. Follow the facts and be prepared to say, "I was wrong."