Friday, 5 December 2014

Homo floresiensis an insight into evolution versus creationism

I was reading a comment piece a few weeks back about the so called Hobbit human fossil, more commonly known as Homo floresiensis. This fossil is fascinating due to its body structure which is unlike any other Homo species. It is mainly for this reason that when it was originally classified, it was said to be a new human species.

However, like most good science stories it did not end there. Since the initial report and reviewers requests there has been vast speculation as if it really is a new human species or in fact juts a dwarf Homo erectus? Or could it even be a pre-Homo species? Currently, there are further studies under way to determine where this species falls into the evolutionary tree for us Homo sapiens, and it really is that complicated as you can see in the picture below.

However, the final conclusion to this comment piece sums up the situation so well. Its here that we can observe a hard-line being drawn  underneath the evolution versus creationism perspective. To understand where this fossil fits in we need more evidence. It does not matter if it is older or newer, we just need to know the truth.

Unfortunately, this is not the way Creationism works, it requires less evidence or ideally no evidence and that is not science.