Friday 26 December 2014

An idea for the Pakistani government to embrace

There is no such thing as moderate Islam. As I have pointed out multiple times before on this blog, the idea of moderate Islam is a sick inside joke. With this in mind I thought I would present a novel solution to most of the problems in Pakistan. So if anyone from the Pakistani government is reading this, take this to your president and parliament ASAP.

The solution is simple:

Ban Islam.

Yes, I know you may  not be rocked to the core of your being right now. However, lets be realistic about where all the violence in Pakistan is coming from. Lets be realistic and look at what is the problem that is driving against social reform such as women getting an education. What is the problem in Kashmir? What is the problem along the Afghanistan/Iran borders? With very minimal effort, you will see that one of the major, if not the major problem is that little insignificant belief in Allah and what is written in the Koran as law. Now at first take, it may not seem insignificant as so many people believe this bullshit, but it is insignificant as it is not true.

There is nothing accurate in the Koran. There is nothing scientific in the Koran. For example, there is nothing accurate in believing women are half a man. If you believe this, then you are retarded, or have some serious mental problems. Additionally, there is nothing good in wanting to kill people that want to disagree with you and draw a picture of a person called Muhammad. As you can see from these mild examples, that the belief in Allah is destroying your country and there is a very simplistic answer to this all.

Lastly, yes I know this idea is absurd as the Pakistani Government is run by Muslims. They will never want to get rid of their money and their religion. After all banning Islam would mean they have to give up both supporting extremism and their loyal voting base.