Sunday, 9 November 2014

The dangers of religion - some links

The dangers of religion are well documented on blogs I read. In particular there is the Horror Show Sunday over at the Bitchspot by Cephus. What makes this segment special in my opinion is that there is no religion spared, and no religion focused on. Its just the facts about the dangers that all religions give to the world.

Today I really want to highlight a newish post over at the Republic of Gilead by Ahab. It has to do with the dropped charges against Micah Moore who was previously charged with murder. Turns out that religion may have had a big role to play in his confession of a crime he did not commit.

So even when it seems religion is not doing anything wrong, it is in fact creating huge problems by making people do really stupid things. I applaud Cephus and Ahab and all the other bloggers that report the crimes of religion. Its through these efforts that hopefully we can (and are) expose religion for the farce it is.