Friday 21 November 2014

Polio vaccines dont kill

Anti-Vaccers like to deny the evidence supporting vaccines, so I am sure some must have read the headline to the article "Polio killed the vaccinated" (subscription only) with glee. However, when they finally reached the second paragraph of this short review of the real manuscript entitled "Robustness against serum neutralization of a poliovirus type 1 from a lethal epidemic of poliomyelitis in the Republic of Congo in 2010" they must have been crying again with darn science destroying their views.

So it turns out that some Polio virus strains have mutated so much that if you have been vaccinated before you can still get infected and suffer the consequences of contracting the disease which can range from no effect to mild paralysis to death. However, here is the kick in the teeth for the anti vaccine movement, it turns out that those people who have been recently re-vaccinated or vaccinated before coming in contact with the polio virus have a far greater chance of not getting infected. This means more vaccine is helping you rather than harming you.

As I have mentioned before if you do not get vaccinated you are an idiot. The facts are if you (or your child) gets sick from an  illness that could have been prevented by a vaccine you denied,  then it is your fault and your fault only. I do not have sympathy for you and no else should. I would feel bad for a child who had such dumb parents, but I would feel zero sympathy for the parents.

In fact I have only ever heard one good reason for not wanting to get kids or others vaccinated. This reason is based in science and is explained very well in the cartoon below.
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