Monday, 13 October 2014

The Goldilocks Zone

The Goldilocks Zone:is the region around a star within which planetary-mass objects with sufficient atmospheric pressure can support liquid water at their surfaces.


This idea of Goldilocks zone is something that creationists and other theists like to throw around as if it is meant to impress people. So much so that if you go to you will learn some truly amazing facts about the Earth which should leave you no doubt that the Earth was created by Yahweh.

There is the amazing facts that water is liquid as the Earth's orbit is just the right distance from the Sun. Except they don't mention that water does not necessarily have to melt at 0 Celsius or boil at 100 Celsius. Maybe they don't understand the true meaning of the term Goldilocks Zone, as a brief look at it will show you that its a lot more complex than just liquid water as we know it on Earth. The only way this argument works is if you apply special pleading, which is a fallacy.

Then of course the Earth spins so that the most of the Earth gets sun everyday. Naturally, I am not impressed by this explanation, as if it was not like that we would not have life to consider this question in the first place.Or the Earth's axis is tilted to provide seasons for seasonal plants or trees? Seriously? If thats a reason for God, then why do we have non-seasonal trees and plants.

But it gets even more ridiculous. Apparently solar eclipses occur so we can be inspired by God, as the Moon and Sun are just the right size for eclipses to occur. What tripe! It really seems to me to take anything seriously by these IDiots you need a lobotomy. 

The thing that amuses me more about this article, and its special pleading, is that we are consistently finding life forms on Earth that could occur on other planets. Such as recently has been shown in an article published (subscription only) where they found a microbial ecosystem beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Whats interesting about these microbes is that they have no need for sunlight, which is nothing new. They get their energy from chemical processes (chemoautotrophy) that does not require photosynthesis. They also are able to live in liquid water at a temperature of -0.49 Celsius. Its as if these microbes are saying we don't care about your Goldilocks zone. In fact the authors say these types of microbes could be found under the ice packs on Mars. Now that is speculation, but its not irrational speculation considering what they found.

Disclaimer: Before anyone asks, I am not making a case for aliens I am merely saying that the likelihood of any form of life on another planet is possible. This is possible in the so called "Goldilocks" zone, as the habitable zone may be extended when you consider extreme life forms.