Friday, 3 October 2014

Idiot of the week - Lesego Daniel

I would like to thank Sean McGuire at My Secret Atheist for turning me onto this story.

Its not that often I get to talk about the stupidity that is theism in South Africa. Not that it does not happen, its just not that easy to always find among the other major problems that exist there. So it is with a certain amount of glee and a serious dosage of despair that I award Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Center Ministries as idiot of the week. If this name somehow rings a bell, then your memory does not fail as this is the same fool that was getting his church members to eat grass earlier this year. Or the man that makes inedible trees edible so much so that he gets people to eat leaves.

So what has he done now you may ask?
He has gone and convinced his congregation that he can turn petrol (gasoline) into pineapple juice. But why stop there?

He then has people come up from the crowd to enjoy a bit of refreshing pineapple juice themselves. Now either this man is incredible with sleight of hand, or he is a mean son-of-a-bitch that deserves to get some bush justice done to him.The problem is worse in South Africa in that the police don't have time to investigate people willingly drinking petrol, what with a high crime rate. He is more than likely going to have to kill someone before anything gets done. Its a sad state of affairs, lets hope that justice finds him before he hurts anyone else.

Below is the video if you have the time to witness stupidity.
Oh and it comes with a warning that says "If you cannot turn water into wine, please do not try this." Silly me thinking that this man cannot turn petrol into pineapple juice.
For about 5:20 - 9:00  minutes the real crazy happens, he even gets the other pastor to drink it.

Pastor Lesego Daniel you are an idiot.