Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I understand your faith, do you understand my evidence

This is a challenge to any theist that happens to stumble across this page. This applies particularly to theists that want to debate me.

A long time ago, I used to be a Christian and I had faith. (Sometimes to absurd levels)

So when you tell me I just need to have faith then I will understand your arguments please realize I know what you mean. In fact, I sometimes wish life was just as easy as having faith. Then I could have faith in a god and hope that everything will come right when I have challenges in life i.e. I have faith it will just change. BTW, yes I realize I am simplifying this a lot, remember I was a Christian. However, the central argument remains the same and that is just have faith.

Now, I am no longer a Christian and I believe evidence.

Then all started  when I began questioning contradictions in the Bible among other things. It lead me to apply critical thinking to questions and not take anything on faith. So much so that I know that if I need to change something in my life, I cannot just believe it will happen I have to go out and work on it i.e. I have no faith it will just change.

So, when you say "if you had faith you would understand", I truly do understand what you are saying. You have to realize that I believe this is irrational, just as I believe someone who claims aliens abducted them is irrational.

My challenge to you is this then, how about you really critically look at the evidence I present and not just regurgitate apologetic answers. After all I understand your view, why don't you try understand mine?