Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I got told I am going to hell .......... again

Recently, I wanted to debate a Christian, who is always so verbose and angry, on the topic they suggested namely "God loves you". Anyway turns out that when I offered my services and even acknowledged that I would use the Bible as evidence in my arguments. Apparently being civil and an atheist did not amuse this person, maybe its a contradiction in their mind?

Below is the tirade that followed, and after reading this I am sure you will understand why I don't even bother anymore with this person anymore.

(Red is the color of Christian rage, Blue is some side commentary added since the exchange.)

After you prove that you are not going to burn in Hell, I will give you any debate challenge you ask for. Untill you prove you are not going to burn in Hell, I think it will be a waste of time trying to reason with you. Sorry.

 I am not going to burn in hell.

There is no hell for me to burn in. In fact, there is zero evidence whatsover for hell. If you say I will burn in hell then you should back up the funny threat with some facts.

Now debate me?

Granted, this was not a good argument. I just wanted to point out that its not me that has to prove hell exists. I am saying I don't believe as there is no evidence to believe.

Prove that you are not going to burn in Hell. Give me the evidence that you think you have found. Show me proof that you are not going to burn in Hell. By your words, I can see that you are one of the people who Jesus said will be tormented in Hell. Maybe you will get saved from it. For now, I believe Jesus and not you, and according to your own words, based on what Jesus said, I know you are on your way to Hell and you are going to wake up there and know that you were wrong.

Not sure what Bible this is, where Jesus talks about people burning in Hell?

Prove to me that you are not going to burn in Hell. Prove to me that there is no evidence for Hell. There is only one way you can prove that. Don't be a fool.
I really don't want you to do it. I already know Hell is real. Don't be a fool trying to prove it is not. Oh well, I guess you are proud of your foolishness. Sorry. I guess there is nothing I can do for you. I'm hear if you want to talk. God loves you. I'm sorry you prefer to believe that He does not care or that He hates you or that He is not there. You can believe Hell is not real...for now. You find this funny? you are insane.

 Do you understand the concept of burden of proof?

Simple enough yes and no question you would think?

Do you understand the concept of how you are going to prove Hell is not real? The burden in on you to prove it is not real and you are not going there. I say it is real and you are going there. I don't have to prove that. I cannot prove it. It will be proven to you if you don't believe it before it's too late. You are free to try your whole life long to prove Hell is not real. When you wake up in it, you will have the proof of its reality which you say is not there. God said it is where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched and the smoke of their torments will rise forever. If you don't believe God, that's your problem, not mine.

When you prove Hell is not real, I wiill give you any debate you like and I will concede the win to you every time. If you get saved from Hell, and there is only one way, by the Saviour, I will forfeit and concede to you every debate we engage in on DDO from the tirme you get saved forward.

Either way, if you prove Hell is not real, I will give you all the debates you want and I will conede every win to you.

If you get saved from Hell, I will give you every debate you want and concede loss in every one.

Apparently, us atheists are easy to bribe back into the faith. Just offer us some free debate wins?

The burden of proof is on you. I'm waiting for you to prove there is no Hell. Let me know when you have fullfilled your burden of proof on this subject. I believe Jesus. I don't believe you. He proved His Word, He will prove His Word, and He does prove His Word. His Word never has, never does, and never will fail.
You prove nothing except you prove that you think you know more than you know.

Quit being dense and making me repeat myself. I am not interested in debating you untill you either prove Hell is not real or you get saved from it. Let me know when you have the proof that Hell is not real. When do you think you will be able to say for sure that Hell is not real? If you say you are sure now, I say you are a fool and/or a liar or both. Proud and brave, but not smarter than the average bear. A bear knows how to be a bear. God made you to be like Him, but you only know how to be agaisnt Him like a devil, so the bear is smarter than you. The bear does what God made it to a bear. You do garbage which God did not make you for.

Tanks for reading all this. I'm having fun mocking your self-assured false confidence asserting you know you are safe for all eternity.

Finally some honesty, the admitting of the thinly veiled mocking. As if I didn't realize this.

I hope you are having fun. From what I see of atheists on this site and in the world in general, they are not happy people. They hate God and they hate His judgements agaisnt Him. They think death is an escape from lifes problems.

Yeh being an atheist is horrible. Not living with guilt or fear is definitely horrible.

All you have is death. You are dying a long slow death counting down your time untill it runs out at the end of the countdown. Then you see where you will be for eternity. I will be with Jesus. The way you are trying to justify yourself, you will be justifed to exist by the fire of Hell which shows God's right to rule over you and He will not be sorry for you after you finalize your death after He took your death on the cross so that you coudl be free from Hell and have eternal life. For now, you are a child of Hell and you are bound and determined that you know it is not there.


This Fool requires some proof for what has just been stated. I mean at least one sliver of evidence.

Interesting ridicule etc.

Just a question. Which version of the Bible do you use and do you believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient?

If you can answer these questions truthfully. I can prove that God (never mind Hell) does not exist.

BTW: I hope you don't mind I use the previous message for my blog. I will not use names, I just think my readers would enjoy it.

Again, just some simple questions and an assertion of what I am prepared to show to this person.

What makes you think I believe God is omnipotent and omnicient? Is that what you think God is supposed to be? Are you afaid God knows all your secrets? Are you afraid He has the right to let you fry like an eternal sausage in the burning garbage pit of Hell? Why are you so obsessed with saying you have proof God is not there and there is no Hell? Who are you trying to fool? Why are you so obsessed against God? Are you possessed by a devil? You sure talk like a devils puppet.

No, I didnt assume anything. Its called a question.

You can't prove anything of what you are saying you can prove. You can believe anything you want to believe, if it is true or not. Why do you keep avoiding proving your assertion that Hell is not real? You are going to prove your assertion when? You are running out of time. You are only fooling yourself.

I offered to prove something far more relevant if this person would just answer some questions. Seems this is not an easily understood concept.

I'm not interested in your atheist blog. Atheists have nothing new to say. The mercies of the Lord are new every morning. I follow Jesus Christ through the valley of the shadow of death into eternal life. I don't follow you. You are following Satan into the fire of Hell, and you don't see it. Satan is smarter than you. knowing all you need. You are only fooling yourself and being fooled by the devil.

God records every word, thought, and action. We will give account to God for everything. I fear God. I do not fear how you may try to use and twist things I say.
You are going to give account to God for your thoughts, words, and actions. The more you talk against God, the more His wrath is building against you. Enjoy yourself while you can if that's the way you think you are really proving God is not there and there is no Hell. God wants you to know His forgiveness, his love, His mercy, but you are only asking for Hiw wrath. Why are you so obsessed agaisnt God? What do you think you are gaining? 

Blah, blah, blah I don't know what atheism is, blah blah blah, I cant prove anything, blah blah blah

The only thing I have gathered from your rants is that you cannot answer simple questions.

Good luck in the future.

Just telling the truth. I didn't think I was being a dick or anything.

You are not trying to gather anything from what you say are my rants. You are only looking for reasons to bolster your pride. You think you have the right to exist. You do have the right to exist because God allowed you to come into existence. You do not have the right to live. Your life agaisnt God can only be justified by existence in Hell. Except for Hell, God would have to give you your desire of negating Him by negating yourself to end your existence and theefore end your problems and challenges. That is the atheist think you get to escape through death. Death is eternal, and you will go on in death in the Lake of Fire. You are in the first death now, limited in time measured under the protections of the world which God in His mercy allows you. The Second Death is not limited by time and offers no repreive or comforts for you who stand in pride agaisnt God. You are a fool. I hope you post this in your fool's blog.

God is offeriing you pardon from Hell which is the penaly attached to sin through the death of His Son who took your death so you can be forgiven in His resurrection. You are spitting in His face and tramplng His blood under your feet saying you do not need to be forgiven. Your blood is on your own head, and you have nobody but yourself to blame for the torments of Hell if you wake up there. By the way you act, my guess is that you will wake up in Hell soon.....ten, twenty, thrity, forty years from now or tomorrow, it's soon compared to eternity.

Did you find proof yet that Hell is not real? Are you still breathing God's air?

And this is full circle for the umpteenth time at this point. This is where I stopped.


Well there you have it logic defined, and then theists wonder why we ridicule them.