Friday, 31 October 2014

Deeprak Chopra answers questions he can't answer

I made a mistake and went over to Deeprak Chopra's website to see what he is up to. Needless to say, within one click on his website, I knew I had made a bad mistake and let me share with you why.

In an interview with Kyra Phillips of CNN (not sure if this was for CNN or independent), Deeprak got asked the question, what is reality?

Of course he was quick to point out that this is an open question. Fine I can live with that. I mean, the no answer is okay if you don't know and the reality question is a deeply philosophical question. Just as a side note, the question of what is reality does not allow you to insert God, the correct answer is we don't know.

Anyway Deeprak then went on a tangent to try explain what reality is. I say I think anyway as he is hard to follow. He began by asking two question which he said are open ended. They are  "Whats the universe made of?" and "Whats the biological basis of consciousness?".

So, according to Deeprak, whats the universe made of?

We, don't know is his answer. Apparently, its an open question.

Yet, he then says that dark energy is at least 70 % of the universe. Then of the 30 % left 25 % is dark matter and the other 5% is matter. This answer is correct, so why does he  contradict himself. He said we don't know what the universe is made of then goes on to explain its made of dark energy, dark matter and matter. This means you know, you answered your own question

Thankfully, we did not to have to hear Deepraks answer to the question, whats the biological basis of consciousness?

But I am pretty sure he is incorrect when he says this is open ended, as everyday we are getting closer and closer to understanding brain signals and the effects they have on this thing that we call consciousness.But here is a review article from Frontiers in Psychology if you do not believe me.