Monday, 20 October 2014

Aliens and creationism

So we all know creationists are crazy right? Well turns out that they are not just crazy but they are not very nice people either according to It turns out that creationists have opinions on aliens as well as us mere humans. What struck me about this article was two things. The first is just shocking and the second actually throws out a testable claim. This testable claim has not been shown to be true, but I am sure the creationists will spin some sob tale and claim misinterpretation when and if it happens.

So did you know that all aliens, if they exist are doomed to burn in hell? Turns out that they must burn in hell as after all they were infected by original sins curse just like us when Adam and Eve decided to go against Gods will an eat that metaphorical literal fruit. Its creationists so clearly its a literal fruit (probably an apple) that gave Adam and Eve all this vast knowledge to build things like Noah's Ark and the Tower of Babel.

"Therefore, any ETs living elsewhere would have been (unjustly) affected by the Adamic Curse through no fault of their own—they would not have inherited Adam’s sin nature."

Dam, this god guy seems pretty petty. In fact you do not need to move off of Earth to see that this original sin idea is really petty. I am glad to at least see that the creationists realize that it is unjust. I gather they feel confident to say this startling fact is unjust, as they know for sure that there is no other life in our universe. Which brings us to the testable claim which will certainly be misintrepreted by us evil rational thinkers  one day.

Here is what the creationists say about life on other planets if we ever had to find something like a bacteria.
"If bacteria are found elsewhere in the solar system, it will be hailed as proof that life can ‘just evolve’. However, we have previously predicted in print that in such an unlikely event, the organisms will have earth-type DNA, etc., consistent with having originated from here as contaminants—either carried by recent man-made probes, or riding fragments of rock blasted from Earth by meteorite impacts."

This is great, as here we have creationists claiming that if we find any simple life anywhere in the universe that does not have origin on Earth, then the logical conclusion from their claim is that their god does not exist. Remember, it does not have to even be intelligent life, they deny the existence of simple life. That means all of these idiots that believe in the Ken Ham style creationism have to give up their faith if bacetria is ever found on another planet except earth.This is also the reason why I say us skeptics will be told we are misinterpreting the evidence.

So there you have it Creationisms take on aliens, or should I say their knowledge that their is certainly no chance of ever finding any type of life anywhere in the entire solar system.


I have a feeling that if their are any intelligent life forms out there in the universe reading this blog, they are also face palming like me.