Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pedophilia in Sunday School

Recently, I was listening to The Bitchspot Report Podcast number 72.In the Podcast Mike and Cephus discussed the case of a sex offender that was rehired by a church and subsequently re-offended. What makes this case even more horrible than normal is that the church knew that this person was a registered sex offender.

The worst part about this case and others of this type is that the public expects the church to be more responsible than they are. We would expect an organization that bases its philosophies on some all loving god to be better. So this leads to the following question. Why, would you rehire a sex offender?

In fact, even if you rehire a sex offender (for some reason) why would you put them in a situation where the are tempted to re-offend. For example, recently I started on a diet and its going well. The one thing I do though is avoid food I love, as I don't want to be tempted to eat excessively. To put it differently, would you put a kleptomaniac in charge of the register at the shop.

Then, I came across this Darkmatter video and it got me thinking. Should we really be surprised that these types of things happen in churches when the book they learn out of is so corrupt.

Warning: The following clip may offend some, and it contains very offensive language. But it is super funny :)