Monday, 22 September 2014

My views on Philosophy - revisited

Its amazing that I have to write a post like this. Its amazing, yet necessary. Basically, every time I write about philosophy and the disrespect I have for some ideas in philosophy I generally get some comments on that how can you be so ignorant etc etc etc.

So here let me clarify my position on philosophy as clearly as possible.

1) I do not consider all philosophy irrelevant.

2) I do consider philosophical ideas that have been proven wrong irrelevant.

Its really that simple to understand.

There are some really bad philosophical ideas that have helped us to  progress as a society. For this reason I believe you can learn something from the history of philosophy. However, if you are building some great over arching life thesis on false disproved philosophical ideas you are wrong and I think you are an idiot.

Hope this clarifies my position for future reference.