Friday, 26 September 2014

Idiot of the week - Me

I have written before about idiot of the week and why I do it. But I thought I would adress another issue that seems to crop up a lot. As such, I have nominated myself for the prestiguous idiot of the week.


Well, I know I say things sometimes without always supplying a source. Do I need a source to say homeopathy is not science? I know I cant spell very well. So their, there, they're.

In  fact, I admit I am an idiot in this sense. You can have no doubt about me accepting this truth.


Now, let me issue a challenge. How about you theists (and other fools that are too clever for themselves) that have nothing to contribute to the conversation except whine about sources (and offer none for their claims) and spelling/grammar actually contribute something meaningful and evidenced based. If not you are an idiot too.