Friday, 12 September 2014

Idiot of the week - Lyn Leahz

Sometimes the idiot of the week segment is just too good. Its at times like this that I in fact don't have to say much but just enjoy the video, and if you have been looking for an excuse not to do the ALS ice bucket challenge I have found a loop hole.

Lyn Leahz you are a lunatic! There you have it, the ALS ice bucket challenge is just a special way to get baptized into the Satanic order. I mean why would such a nice batshit crazy lady lie to me. Thankfully I have not done the ice bucket challenge as I really dont want to become demon possesed. ;)

Its refreshing to be talking about an idiot this week that is not putting atheists in jail or abducting children. This idiot just is truly that 100 % pure irrational stupidity.

Lyn Leahz you are my idiot of the week well done.