Monday, 29 September 2014

How to create your own problems

Initially when I saw this article on the rape T-shirt, I chuckled. Then, I stopped and realized why so many people are outraged by it. Rape is a horrible act of violence that should never be  subjected on any person. So when I chuckled, I do want to be clear, I was not condoning rape in any way. However, the word rape has been corrupted and the people to blame for this are the same people that are crying about this T-shirt.

The question I have to ask is, "how are we meant to take the outrage seriously when you get what people call eye-rape?" For you that don't know what eye-rape is, basically it is when you look at a lady. In fact eye-rape is something some women are proud of themselves.But, I think this picture explains the idea behind eye-rape better than I ever could.

Now after seeing the above sign I am sure when you look at the T-shirt again, you could be excused for seeing the funny side. We live in a world were there are enough problems, there is no need to create your own. It can make something serious like rape seem trivial, when it gets used in an absurd context that makes zero logical sense.