Monday, 1 September 2014

Holy Wars

Recently I watched the documentary Holy Wars. It was first released in 2010 so its pretty old now, but it is certainly something I would suggest watching. It deals with the life of  Christian as well as a Muslim fundamentalist, so its pretty unique in that aspect. In fact in one part of the movie, these two fundamentalists even sit down and have a lively discussion. I would not say there is a winner or a loser in this debate, as both were discussing different topics. Regardless it was entertaining.

What you will see in both of these people is a certain cognitive dissonance or victim playing when things are not going their way. Additionally, you will see that Christian Fundamentalism does not even come close to the craziness that is Islamic fundamentalism. Please do not think I am saying anyone should tolerate Christianity, I am merely pointing out that Islam is a far worse curse on this Earth than Christianity. However, this may purely be because there are secular people in the West which keep the Christians honest. As such they are not able to follow there biblical laws to their hearts content.

In fact, its really a surreal situation, as the Muslim in this documentary is not born in the middle of Afghanistan, and then was brought up by the Taliban when his mother got killed by a Russian soldier. This is just a guy that was born in Ireland and then adopted Islam when he got sent to jail. As such to hear the normal jihadist lines thrown out by this fool is a good enough reason than any to ban Islam. If you watch this movie and can still say Islam is a religion of Peace then your two brain cells in your head are getting lonely. Interestingly, he adopted Islam as he was in an Islamic countries jail makes you wonder if he would have adopted Christianity in a Christian countries jail.

Here is a You Tube copy of the documentary I found.Can't say how long this video will be around.