Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gods are dicks

I will be honest, I have no idea why anyone believes in any god. Firstly, there is no evidence to support the claim of any god and secondly gods are dicks. Think about it, many people chose different gods to believe in, yet every single one of them is a dick. It makes me wonder if belief in gods is humanities way to cope with the fact that some people tend to be self centered way to much?

For example, the god Cronus was a dick as he killed his kids, then the one kid (Zeus) that got away from been eaten by Cronus himself became a dick. Zeus went and enchained his father Cronus, but I suppose we cant blame Zeus as he was born into a family where destroying each other is pretty par for the course. But Zeus did not stop there, he used to sleep around with mortals and other gods and well even himself?

But of course, most modern day theists will say that all these stories are just mythology. They will insist that their gods do not act like this at all and in reality they are loving gods.

Well what about Yahweh, I mean Yahweh was a dick. In fact he used to screw his own people over just because they would drink tea with their left hand or something more ridiculous like speaking the name of another god. But, then God got a change of heart and decided to become/send Jesus who turns out was ..... a dick. I mean the guy cursed a fig tree and made pigs jump of cliff. Surely, this makes Jesus a dick.

So if you are worshiping a god without any evidence what is your reason? Do you praise your dick god, because you are a dick? While this may seem tongue in cheek, I am always interested to learn why people believe in their specific god.