Sunday, 21 September 2014

Climate Change - Part 4

 Update: Click here for parts 1, 2, 3

We have come to the end of the Climate Change posts, so let me try wrap it up all neatly and give my reasons for believing the validity of Climate Change.

Every week at work, I get multiple high impact manuscripts presenting further evidence for climate change pass my desk. The facts are undeniable in my opinion that climate change is in fact occurring. However, as with anything it is not an easy subject to be so convinced as I am, as there is a lot of incorrect information out on the Internet as well. Additionally, I will state again as I said before, I do not know what the consequences of climate forcing will be.

Unfortunately, there are papers in Climate Change that do appeal to peoples emotions, such as the "Loss of cultural world heritage and currently inhabited places to sea-level rise". This manuscript is in fact brilliant and drives home a very valid point about climate change, however it can be used for spin in the incorrect way by nay sayers. Then there are lesser know papers, that are not that sensational but are real eye openers if you understand all the intricate details. So at the moment, I do not think all the relevant information about Climate Change is reaching the public in general to convince as well as it could be.

Then regarding the disinformation and nay sayers. Do you remember the so called "Climategate" scandal? Basically, it was where some people were saying that it was climate scientists just creating a smoke screen and creating data to mislead the public and make money. Well, if you actually had taken the time to read the e-mails pointed too you would have seen this was utter rubbish. As such, most of the lunatic climate deniers are just lying about climate change.

In closing, I cannot decide for you on this topic. However, in my opinion this is a pretty clear cut case.