Friday, 19 September 2014

Climate Change - Part 3

Update: Click here for parts 1, 2, 4

In my initial Climate Change post, I indicated that there are some lunatics that completely deny Climate Change. These are not your run of the mill Climate Deniers, they are more the Chick tract Climate change deniers saying that Jesus is in charge of the Climate so nothing is wrong.

The problem is these are really unscientific people. They look at a ten year time scale and do  not look at the greater timescale. What I mean is, over the past few years there has been a almost no global temperature increase (it is a very slight upwards trend). However, this is 15 years over the general trend for the last 2000 years. Now I will agree that the climate temperature does cycle over the millenia as I pointed out in my first point. On the other hand, these people are denying a global temperature increase based on a few years data, and this is dangerous. As I pointed out in my last post, CO2 usually precedes an increase in global temperature and the CO2 is off the charts compared to other fluctuations in temperature versus CO2 emissions.


These people are disingenuous and are akin to fundamentalist theists who deny any logic whatsoever. Like I said before, and I will repeat again, most so called climate change deniers actually agree that the average global temperature is increasing. However, they just deny that this rise is attributable to human emissions to the extant that climate scientists do.

However, the lunatics that deny any warming what so ever are running out of place to hide with there excuses, as it seems that this missing "heat" has been found. (link to subscription article) In fact it is now believed that the warming has not stopped, but in fact the oceans are just adsorbing more of this heat and as such the oceans are getting hotter. The oceans getting hotter is in fact a major problem as this can lead to de-glaciation, coral reef destruction and perhaps it could be a big contributer to more severe weather systems.

In closing, if you can take anything away from this blog post it is this. Global Warming is happening and this current hiatus is not enough to dismiss this claim. If you do, you are missing the bigger picture.

Suppose this Climate Change post is apt for this day, after all this would be the idiot of the week segment.