Sunday, 7 September 2014


This topic is something that has nothing to do with atheism, its more a little rant about something that really irritates me. It has to do with the amount of respect that people have for celebrities who more often than not do not deserve it. In fact in my opinion some people have more respect for celebrities than they do themselves. The real truth is that celebrities are just people that shit, breathe and die like every other person on this planet.

The reason I am more riled up than normal by this is the recent news of the nude photos leaks. Firstly, it was not a leak and I do agree that these celebrities privacy has been invaded. Secondly, I do also think that if they find this person they should sentence them to the extant that the laws allow. Now that I got that part out so no one can accuse me of being hater let me jump right into my rant.

The problem I have is that this "scandal" is getting so much press and FBI investigation if reports are to be believed. In contrast, when so called "normal" people get their privacy invaded no one cares. Yet some celebrities take nude photos then subsequently get these photos hacked and their is a storm on the media worldwide. There are even some lawyers talking of prosecuting anyone that shares these photos. This is just absurd, as these photos are now on the Internet and never coming back. Its just utter bollocks, what makes them special to get this sort of attention for the stupidity of putting personal photos of this sort on a cloud server. Yes, I said it. If you put private and important information on a cloud server you are not smart. These systems are not safe no matter what anyone tells you. The only way it can truly be safe is if your PC is not connected to the Internet and then you have to hope someone does not steal it.

It really is a actions and consequence situation. No one expects to get hacked. No one expects to get their computer with nude photos to get stolen. However, it happens and anyone that take nude photos should realize this is a risk. If you are a celebrity you are just a normal person in my eyes and so the same rules apply.