Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Noah, a Chick Tract and a bunch of Communists

For those of you who don't know about Chick Tracts I apologize in advance for exposing you to them. However, they can be pretty amusing and some of the artwork in them is not bad actually.

Anyway, as I have a particular fondness towards the Noah story and...... well the sheer idiocy of it I was highly amused to learn about the Noah story from a new source. So I thought I would elaborate on this fascinating tale and break down how the Ark has been found  by the Russians.

So turns out that during World War 1 some Russians were flying over Mount Ararat and saw what they believed was a submarine in the middle of the mountain. Needless to say an exhibition was organized by Czar Nicholas of Russia to find out whether this was really the Ark. At which point the story breaks into the lunacy of the Noah story which I have documented here, here and here and well here.

Well after that break from reality? Turns out that the Russians did find the ark and they even went inside to investigate. What they found was truly amazing as they found rooms with cages from floor to ceiling. So then they drew up documents and sent these documents straight away to the Czar in Russia. Unfortunately for us these documents fell into the hands of the Communists that had overthrown the Czar. These documents have since been destroyed by the evil communists as is evidenced by another Noah's ark website.

So there you have it those atheist communists destroyed the ark evidence as is proven by the Chick Tracts which never lie.