Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Jehovah's Witnesses and bad parenting

The one thing that has always amazed me how theist parents have a tendency to drive the fear of hell into their kids. Often this fear is driven in the most bizarre of ways by claiming things like Harry Potter is from the devil  and as such if you read the book you will enter a pact with the devil. So when I saw the following animation produced by the Jehovah's Witnesses I was not surprised to say the least.Briefly, its a mother driving the fear of hell into her son as he got a new toy from his friend. Of course we need to realize that the toy is demon possessed and evil and add any other evil adjective.

The one sad thing about this video is that this is typical of a conversation that could happen in any multitude of houses worldwide where parents hold idiotic beliefs in fairy tales. In fact, how does any state (or parent) actually justify that these parents are doing the children no harm by lying to them. It really is sick and while I would not go so far as to say its child abuse, it certainly is teaching a child how not to think. This teaching is something that can be unlearned as is evident from all the atheists we see in modern society that have emerged from the various religious indoctrinations. The problem is that this turn around takes time, and this is time that could be well spent learning something new or contributing something new to your community or towards your self etc.

So while I would not call these cartoons child abuse, I will call them lies and irresponsible parenting.

One last thing before we leave, seems the Jehovah's Witnesses even have a easy to use guide for kids on to how to knock on doors an irritate your neighbors.

I still think my idea to send Jehovah's Witnesses to Afghanistan or Iraq to knock on doors is the best idea. Then they will quickly determine what the consequences for annoying a neighbor is.