Friday 1 August 2014

Idiots of the week - Saudi Arabian Government

I am thinking of renaming idiot of the week to focus on the Middle East, particulary that country that supports terrorism and human rights abuses while claiming that because of their special relationship with Allah its all ok really. You know that sadistic country called Saudi Arabia.

This week the Saudi Arabian government has a lot to answer for, as they have been caught supporting their Palestinian brethren as well as their Israeli brethren in their continued war efforts to destroy each other. Frankly, its good business sense but you cant go arming terrorists which is what Hamas is according to the EU, the US, but not the UN? Then again, this should come as no surprise really as the Saudi Arabian government has been condemning and funding terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda for years.

I am really of the opinion that Suaid Arabi should get international sanctions leveled against them, as they are a major player in the Middle East and they use their power to create havoc. This country, the holy country of Islam, I believe gets away with its actions mostly as the world does not want to upset Muslims by making the country where Mecca is a pariah. But why should religion be getting any special treatment?

Did Russia get special treatment for allowing Crimea to join its country? No, it got handed sanctions from both the EU and the US, as well as international outcry. However, we need to remember that the Crimea voted to join Russia and it was not this crazy land grab by a dictator as presented on the news. May I add here, that I am not even a fan of Vlad Putin, but the facts are facts.

Saudi Arabia deserves to be chastised and thrown in the corner with force to make it behave like an adult. This is the 21st century and we need to lose stone age mentality.