Friday, 15 August 2014

Idiots of the week - Church of the Almighty God

Christians are great at denying there religion is extremely harmful. So I thought I would highlight a Christian group (Eastern Lightning aka Church of the Almighty God) in China, that is so harmful that they are banned by the state and have been guilty of multiple deaths. Then again I am sure the Christians reading this are already preparing their "They are not real Christians" statement.

So what do these Christians like to do?

They like to hurt demons, in fact they like to kill demons. The problem with this is that they classify some humans as demons. Then they go out and beat people to death, and I am being very literal here they beat people to death with fists and feet. They do not just take a gun and shoot, granted they do sometimes throw a good old stabbing in to vary up their repertoire of violence.

Oh and the also believe Jesus has been reincarnated a Chinese Lady called Lightning Deng. Now I don't have a problem with a female Jesus, but I am pretty sure thats not what the Bible says. Last time I read the Bible it said when Jesus was going to come there were going to be beats rising out of the sea etc. Now either I missed it, or this person is not Jesus, or John was tripping on LSD when he wrote Revelations. Personally, I think John was tripping balls.

Not surprisingly when they are not engaging in brutal beatings, they do what every other Christian church does. The recruit members that are going through a hard time, and then threaten them when they realize not all is well and want to leave. Some theists will claim this is a cult, but a cult and a religion only has a difference in the amount of people involved so that's an absurd statement.

Christians, time to grow up and embrace what your religion does and is.