Friday, 22 August 2014

Idiot of the week - John McTernan

Well now we know that conspiracy theorists who believe HAARP causes Hurricanes and Tornadoes are wrong. The reason behind all these natural disasters is that God is cursing the USA for turning its back on Israel. Uhm, well that is according to John McTernan.

If you want to hear what Alex Jones says, then listen from 14:22 . Granted I know many people will not want to listen to Jones, so in simple terms he says that HAARP caused Sandy to postpone the elections that were not postponed. Of course this is all proven by well....... Alex Jones.

So there you have it next week is fight night between the conspiracy theorists and John McTernan. The title fight will be called "Who is right and who is delusional." Oh that's right they all are delusional. What blows my mind is that people actually take this stuff seriously. Really, how can you? When every other outlet or voice has some unscientific unproven theory that makes no sense.

One answer. Idiots!

John McTernan