Monday, 25 August 2014

Creationists and the meta-information fallacy

Some of the so called more "knowledgeable" creationists I have debated like to point out that evolution is not credible as how can information create more information. Or more importantly they like to point out that there is no possible explanation for where  the meta-information come from except a creator.

So, what is meta-information? Well basically put its an idea created by creationists to try and confound people who support the evidence driven theory of evolution. In fact meta-information has its history in meta-data and has to do with information technology. To elaborate, its that data tells you about the data. For example if you download a file from the Internet it should have data attached to it which tells you who created the data and when.

Then what is meta-information to creationists? It is along the same lines as meta-data and is basically information about information. In essence what creationists are arguing for is that the information contained in the DNA may well be natural but where does the information for this information come from. In other words they are saying the DNA that codes for a protein can only be used when their is extra information telling the DNA what to do. Now this is confusing, and that is the point creationists want to confuse as they don't have answers. So here let me present the creationist and the chemical perspective for the concept of protein folding.
Creationist perspective:
DNA codes for a protein to be formed. This protein forms and then folds into a shape guided by meta-information supplied by god. The protein works, so god exists.

Chemical perspective:
DNA codes for a protein to be formed. This protein forms and then folds into a shape by self assembly forces (very well documented). The protein works.

See, no meta-information needed. This idea of meta-information is created to try seem smart when in fact its utter tripe.