Sunday, 17 August 2014

China bans Islamic garb for 3 weeks

Recently I posted about the Religion of peace that is not peaceful. For this reason I was impressed with the Chinese government recently who decided to ban Islamic dress on public transport in Xinjiang city. Now while this may sound like a normal crackdown by the Chinese government on anyone or organization who disagrees with them. Surprisingly, it seems to be very well thought out this time.

The government has done this as they are having a sporting event in the city and they are worried about a possible terror attack. This is justified as some of the Islamic terrorist groups I mentioned in my recent post actually operate withing these Chinese regions. So, this is not a government oppressing religious freedom (which is surprising for the Chinese government), this is not a government stereotyping or race profiling. This is a responsible government looking at the numbers and following the logic. 

Remember its not racist if its based on facts.

Here is the poster the government has issued and these types of clothing will not be tolerated on public transport. Go China! I just wish it was permanent.