Monday, 18 August 2014

Arrest the Pope

Recently, the country I am living in had a visitor that greatly upset me. Yes, the fool below was in South Korea.

So I got to thinking about Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens call to get the last Pope arrested when he was in the UK. Truthfully, I am not embarrassed by their idea. I am embarrassed that no country and/or president has tried to actually do this. It is really disappointing that this has not happened.

The reality is that if some President or Country actually did arrest the Pope there would be global outcry and probably sanctions or worse. However, the truth is this country and/or president will go down in history as the country that broke the last leg the Christian faith was standing on. The fact is religion is dying and the Vatican is a stronghold. As long as the Vatican exists and is tolerated by other countries (while it harbors pedophiles) Christianity will remain relevant. After the arrest, it is likely that the Pope would probably be freed under international pressure or worse. However, at this point the damage will be done and the church will be dead as people will be forced to ask the questions why did this happen. When these questions are forced to be asked, its game over.

Granted poloiticans that back this will probably never be re-elected. But they will gain what they desire, and that is history. They will go down in History.