Monday, 14 July 2014

Psychosomatics in my humble opinion

In this blog I have at times touched on medical treatments such as stem cells and vaccines. Usually these posts deal with the way I believe that superstitious beliefs hinder medical progress or endanger society at large. With this in mind I thought maybe I should point out something that is close to my heart and something that gets abused not only by the religious but also skeptics be they teachers, parents or doctors.

Previously I have talked about how I use anti-depressants. I mention this again here for full disclosure to what I am going to say about psychosomatics in general. Its no surprise that the religious believe that psychosomatics can be dangerous and do not actually work as much as god can. After all if you believe in anything imaginery to get you through the day then surely you can possibly believe that this imaginery friend can take away a disease caused by demons or an unfulfilled life.

However, it does not stop there. There are multiple parents who would rather drug their kids up on Ritalin or some other drug as they do not want to deal with a normal teenagers hormonal changes and/or energy levels. This is tragic, as its bad parenting making your own life easier at the expense of someone elses growing experiences. On a side-note, in the past I worked as a teacher and saw many teachers trying to get parents to put kids on Ritalin as they also wanted an easier time in class so its not only the parents. Additionally, in all that time and all the thousands of students I had in my class there was only one I would classify as having ADHD and he was controllable using a little ingenuity.

Then there are anti-depressants. People need to realize that these drugs are not for everyone. Most anti-depressants have very severe side effects and if used incorrectly can actually be counter productive to getting over a depressive episode as you never deal with the underlying issues. In fact the number of people that have to take anti-depressants the majority of their life is very limited. Additionally, these people often realize that its a cost-benefit analysis in that they will not suffer from depression but may suffer some other problems due to these drugs.

Psychomosomatics have serious side effects and people need to realise this before they just start taking them. I am not against Big-Pharma I just think that people need to see the bigger picture. Sometimes people don't need drugs they just need some exercise, an ear to listen to them or a change of diet. Drugs are for when the illness is severe.

Just remember you don't get booked into hospital when you get a cold, you get told to drink orange juice and hot tea.