Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Is religion killing itself?

I have no solid facts for the following statement, but it seems to me that sceptisim is on the rise.However, I believe the argument for why I believe religion is killing itself holds, even if my initial statement is flawed.

My argument is basically that multiple theists use (potentially deliberate?) misinterpretations of science, and by doing this they are in fact killing religion.

To elaborate, when you are arguing the second law of thermodynamics incorrectly to try disprove abiogenesis/evolution/etc, then you are misinterpreting science. When you say quantum mechanics proves a god when you have no idea what even basic QM principles like the Hesienberg uncertainty principle means, then maybe you need to do your homework.When you look at the evidence for evolution and dismiss it as just a theory, then you don't know what a scientific theory is.

The fact is that people are naturally inquisitive and a lot of them will start seeing holes in arguments the more lies there are in the argument. For example, if you type in "monkey to human evolution" on Google, you will find that all the search results on the front page show that this "idea" is a blatant lie. As such anyone teaching this is either a fool (and you need to find a new church) or a liar (and you need to leave religion)

So basically what I want to say today is "thank you for killing yourself religion, you really make our job easy by misrepresentation."