Friday, 11 July 2014

Idiots of the week - Sperm hunters

I am not sure where to start with this. When I first read the report coming out of Zimbabwe I could not believe the first few paragraphs. Women abducting men hitchhikers to either gang rape them or have sex with them. At this point you would think I was shocked that multiple men were getting raped. Well yes that is shocking, but what is really shocking is even more bizarre. These women are collecting their victims semen in used condoms. Really, why would you want semen? Usually the only people that want semen are sperm banks and they dont take it in condoms.

(Source) A very bad idea in Zimbabwe.

Well turns out the women are collecting the semen as its a hot commodity for those people who practice bizarre rituals. I guess you find it in the dairy section next to the milk? Maybe repackaged?

Turns out that at present no one is  exactly sure how this semen is getting used in the rituals. However, we do know that it is frowned upon by the Zimbabwe National Tradition Healers Association which said "We believe that this is a form of witchcraft. So we are totally against the idea,". I just love that quote a traditional healer who believes that his/her spirit is able to heal people says this practice is unacceptable as its witchcraft. Seriously, how?

So those are the idiots of the week. Rapist seeking semen hunters in Zimbabwe. Just another example showing that stupid beliefs are detrimental to society.