Friday, 18 July 2014

Idiot of the week - Sye Ten Burgencette

Recently when Matt Dilahunty decided to debate the presuppositionalist Sye Ten Brugencatte, I knew that at some point I would get round to actually watching the debate as I thought it would be interesting.

Anyway, over at the ThinkingAtheist podcast the audio for the debate was uploaded and so conveniently I could just listen to the audio while doing my workout. Please follow the link if you want the audio or watch the whole debate here, or not and just read my analysis of the debate below.

So in this debate you will learn one thing and one thing only. Sye Ten Burgencette is a collasal prick.I have never heard someone complain as much as this guy complains, and I mean about everything he even attacked the organiser of the debate. What a dick. I suppose you have to complain when your arguments are so pointless.

I feel sorry for Matt, as really this was not a debate it was a waste of two hours of his life. All Sye can say is "I am right because God told me". Then he plays stupid word games as he knows none of his "arguments" are valid. If you watch the debate be prepared to be frustrated with sheer stupidity and lies.

This is why Sye Ten Burgencette is the idiot of the week.