Friday, 25 July 2014

Idiot of the week - Pat Robertson

This week Pat Robertson was on fine form again telling a women that her sons demon possession, which was giving her son belly ache, could come from their ancestors doing something wrong. You know that whole thing about ancestral sin, which is sort of like original sin except it does not last forever. All this happened while she was praying for her son, and its horrific natural to think that this possession pain got worse as the women was praying over her son and not giving him pain killers. Maybe God just does not care anymore? Anyway, Pat was quick to point out that it would be best if the get a professional exorcist to get rid of those pesky demons that are afflicting this lady's son.

Reminds me kind of like the story I posted recently about the movie "Heaven is for Real". Now I am no parent, however if my kid had a sore stomach I would give them some medicine and not prayer. In fact, if it does not get better (and feels like a kick in the stomach) its probably best to take them to the doctor less their appendix burst and they do something silly like die. But then again thats just me.

Anyway Pat Robertson is our special Idiot of the week.

Here is a video of the Young Turks giving their detailed analysis of Pats Response to this viewers letter.