Friday, 4 July 2014

Idiot of the week - Dr. Chantelle Barry

This weeks esteemed idiot is Doctor Chantelle Barry from Canada.

This Doctor, who probably took the Hippocratic oath to practice medicine honestly and provide her patients with the best care and for the good of them, has decided that prescribing contraceptives does not fit into the good health-care category. She fits in to that unique dumb category of denying her patients birth control as its against her religion. According to the law she is allowed to do this as long as she refers her patients to another doctor. I wonder if these patients have to pay the hospital fee just to get to told by the doctor "I am not going to help you as you are a sinner in the eyes of my one true god."

Personally, I do not believe a doctor should ever be allowed to deny a patient care if they deem it is against their religion. They should rather just not be allowed to practice as we do not need stupid superstition in a field that can lead to life or death situations. What stops a Jehovah's Witness doctor in the same position not allowing a blood transfusion to a patient, it is after all their religious right.  Or what about the Scientologist who refuses their patient anti-psychotics and psychiatric treatment as they believe its all a big fraud.

Superstition is dangerous and it needs to be kicked out of medicine and the rest of society. If not we may be heading for a new dark age with idiots like Chantelle Barry leading the way.


Lastly I want to give a shout out to GodlessPoutine of My Secret Atheist Blog who put me onto this story in the first place.