Sunday, 6 July 2014

Heaven is for Real - a Movie Review

This week I watched "Heaven is for Real", so I thought I would give my two cents opinion on this cinematic piece. For those of you who have not watched it, here is the trailer. Beware, it sums up most of the movie, so if you don't want spoilers avoid it.

Personally I do not think this child went to heaven. Sorry, I just had to state the obvious :) So when they say the movie is based on the real story its clearly dishonest. Its dishonest, as there is no evidence for Heaven at all in fact there is no evidence for Hell either. I mean at least the Noah movie had a disclaimer.

Now, while I think this movie has some nice points in it, like the whole happy family thing. Well, OK I lied this is also the part where I have to wonder if the movie is being honest to the real story. In fact I would like to say that I think these parents should not be winning any parents of the year award. This kid had a burst appendix for three days, according to the movie, before he was taken to the hospital. If this is true then these parents should be shot. I mean I had to get my appendix removed and it was not even burst and it was excruciating. If this kid had a burst appendix for three days, then either he didn't or his parents are seriously sadistic. I mean surely he would have been crying and screaming and complaining for all those days. But who am I? I mean I am no doctor, here is a doctor on a burst appendix.

"If the appendix bursts (perforates) then severe pain can spread to all the abdomen. Any movement is painful and you won't want to move around at all. You become very ill as you develop serious infection of the membrane that lines the whole abdomen. Coughing and moving the legs at the hips are painful. Your tummy will feel hard and tense, and you won't be able to push into it at all. This is called peritonitis." Source.

Now you may think why is this relevant. Well, this story is told by this four year olds farther who is a minister at a local church and may have a conflict of interest.This is the same father that did not take a son with a burst appendix to the hospital. So why should I trust a person with a bias and who seems to me like someone not very trustworthy i.e. able to take care of his child. Granted, I don't know him personally, but the movie is enough to cast doubt in my mind.

Here is Colton and his family in an interview from 2012, as you can see he still says the same stuff. Sort of as if he has read the book a few times since it was published in 2010.I mean nothing new here.