Thursday, 17 July 2014

Choices that need to be made and the consequences

Every choice you make has consequences. Its a simple fact and something I wish more people would think about.

However, this concept is not that easy to understand for some people. Recently I was having a conversation with a infinty wave feminist, or should I say rather I was listening to a feminists appeal to emotion as nothing was rational. This got me thinking about some three so called sensitive topics that some feminists like to bring up which to me are purely choice and consequence facts. I thought I would expand on some of these ideas to illuminate that irrationality is not only present in theism.

When a lady chooses to have a child, either with a man or without a man. The fact is that she will have to take time off work. Now this obviously leads to a business potentially not looking favorable on this situation. As such, said lady may be looked over at the next promotion meeting. This is what can happen and its a consequence of a choice to have children, besides all the other consequences. It may feel unfair, but its logical. Always remember life is not fair.

The next one is the way some ladies say girls should not have to dress like models. I agree absolutely, I personally dont like the super skinny and extravagant fashion look. However, in whatever way you dress and look in general  affects the number of people in your dating pool. As such if you want to be a goth you need to realize that the Harvard boys are probably not looking. Its a choice you make and that is the consequence.

The last one is more touchy but also very valid. If you dress provocatively there is a greater chance you could get raped. Its a sad case of affairs but it is the truth. You need to think of it in terms of buying a car, the one you can see while the other is closed in a cardboard box. Which one do you choose? This is a fact that needs to be considered. I am not saying dressing provocatively leads to rape, I am merely saying it increases the chances.

Now I realize not all people that are for womens rights are infinity wave feminists, and in fact I am all for equality. But sometimes idiocy in religion or feminism or anything else needs to pointed out.

Lastly interesting world map I found. It shows the countries where the convention for the elimination of discrimination against women has been signed. All green and yellow countries have signed the act/convention.