Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Black Mass + Christians = Irrationality

Its obvious if you have read my blog that I have a very high disregard for any religious nonsense. In fact even the Black Masses that the Satanists have been trying to do at various institutes around the USA has gotten me riled up. It irritates me, as they do not even believe this stuff. However by doing these performances they are confusing some people and create a situation that is volatile and not beneficial to anyone. Honestly I initially liked the idea, but now I see that it can create a very negative situation. Its not the same as just putting a monument up it could lead to some stupid mob violence or lone wolf abortion clinic type shooting.

Multiple fundamentalist Christians really believe these Satanists are allowing demons into the world. So to do my part for humanity I have been mentioning that they should just ignore the Satanists, as reacting to them is exactly what the Satanists want. It seems though that Christians take offense to my screen name (iamanatheist) as they just go on the attack and don't want to listen to rational advice.

Here are a few of my favorite replies.
"Humanistic lie, no need to reply with more lies, thank you."
"its all play acting anyway.......i believe that they believe that they are devil worshipers as much as you believe that your Maker, the Supreme and Sovereign Master and Creator of the Universe does not exist...."

So I guess this means the Satanists win. Its more publicity for them and makes the event more intriguing. Here is me trying to help these Christians and they still get angry with me.

Sigh you cant win when you are an atheist.