Sunday, 15 June 2014

Knowledge can save relationships

So why is knowledge important?

Let me elaborate using some examples that have to do with that thing that theists hate to do so much. That dirty word SEX, well actually STDs. Knowledge about STDs can save a marriage, however if you believe the rubbish spouted by abstinence only proponents (or priests) about STDs your marriage could in the following scenarios implode.

The first example is HPV, that virus that most men carry around without even knowing about it. That virus that is possible to get even without having sex. So if you had a sexual partner or gave someone a hand job 10 years before you got married, it is possible to get HPV and not have symptoms. Then even if you are completely faithful you can give your spouse HPV.

The second example is the Herpes virus. Its pretty much exactly the same as the HPV virus but even worse in the not having sex department and transmission. In some people it can lay latent for their whole life yet still be infectious. Or in some cases Herpes will only present symptomatically years after infection. Hell you can even get Herpes during childbirth. Again, even if you are completely faithful you can give your spouse Herpes.

All these viruses are not great, and I am not promoting unsafe sex. I am just trying to point out possibilities that many people do not seem to know about. Possibilities that could lead to a destruction of a life and family. Imagine divorcing your spouse for a disease they got during childbirth and never knew about. Thats stupidity and why you should always search for real answers.

This is why knowledge is power.