Friday, 27 June 2014

Idiots of the week - Mormons

This week I sighed and then sighed some more and then wondered why people can be so dumb. After which I decided to subject my loyal audience to some of the stupidity that prevails in Mormonism.

Now, like most other religions (particularly Abrahamic religions) Mormonism has an issue with women. Which is weird considering that mostly these same groups also hate homosexualtiy often as well. Are the seriously deluded that they hate both sexes or have a lot of these people had their genitals fall off as they dont know how to use them, and now they are just bitter? I mean seriously, if you hate women and men are you in love with your hand? or have you genitals fallen of?

Back on topic. The Mormons have decided to excommunicate Kate Kelley for apostasy. See Kelley did the most horrible of things by saying women should be allowed to be priests in this male dominated society. She believes that the Mormon doctrine states that women should be allowed to be ministers, yet the men who decide all these things disagree. As such they have decided to do what chauvinists do best, they decided to shut the B*&^h up.

The Mormon pimps dont take s^&* from no women.

At this point, I am not sure who are more idiotic. The women who stay in a sect that treats them unfairly, or the men who want to treat their women unfairly. Either way Mormons you are the idiots of the week. Now go put your magic underwear on and repent to your alien god.