Friday, 6 June 2014

Idiots of the week - Holly Huber and Mitchell Kale

This weeks idiots are Holly Huber and Mitchell Kale, both atheists who have lost their logic or something?

These two atheists based in Hawaii have been suing a group of churches for not paying the appropriate amount of rent to the state for using schools during parts of their outreach or whatever else churches do in their free time.They claim that these churches used the schools for a longer time than was paid for. Interestingly some of the churches have settled out of court while two others decided rightfully not to settle. These two churches have now been found not guilty  twice.  While this subject has been discussed by Hemant Metha over at Patheos  back in 2013, I feel one big aspect is being neglected.

The fact neglected is this, in this case these two atheists are idiots.

They are suing the churches for renting the property, however the churches have paid for rent. Now while the churches may or may not have overused the time allocated for the rent agreement is not the issue. This is something that needs to be addressed by the  person renting the property i.e. the schools. If these idiots want to sue someone, they should in fact be suing the schools for not managing the rental agreement correctly.

This is why a loss of reason (and basically what looks to me like any reason to be angry at the church) makes Holly Huber and Mitchell Kale idiots of the week.

These type of cases do not help atheism in anyway.