Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Honor Killings get a bigger WTF moment than normal.

The recent honor killing (read murder by misogynist Allah worshipping Muhammad loving blockheads) by 20 male relatives of Farzana Parveen by 20 of her male relatives. That's right her family murdered her, as usually these honor killings are done by those people that hate love you most. This killing has brought the honor killings that happen in Pakistan and other countries onto the international stage yet again. It was shocking to read that last year alone there were an estimated 900 women killed in honor killings. At this point you must be thinking, why did this fool (i.e. me) put WTF in the title.

SO, here is your WTF moment.

This dickhead husband of this dead lady who is "grieving" the loss of his beloved wife. The other day admitted to strangling his first wife to death so that he could marry his now deceased wife. Can anyone say psychopath?

In case you are wondering why he was not in jail? Well he is a male, and according to the Islamic Provisions in the Pakistani law he could get off free of the crime. You know forgiveness goes a long way when you murder someone, its like bang, oops, sorry. Ironically this is the exact law he does not want these 20 relatives to be able to be acquitted with.

What a wanker, seriously this is a disgusting case and another reason why belief in a god is just about the dumbest thing you can do to your brain.