Monday, 23 June 2014

Concerned about liberal policies going to far.

I like to consider myself a liberal in the sense of what I have defined a liberal to be. Granted this is not the label that most people would apply to liberal, but I don't know what to call it otherwise. However, it seems I do not fit the liberal label society considers liberal. So I think I will take some time on this blog in the future (when I feel the need) to  point out other things besides atheistic issues which I believe need addressing. It is my blog after all so I can do what I want.

It seems to me that multiple liberal (so called equality) policies are actually causing bigger problems than they are solving. As such I thought I would use this initial post to point out two news items that have recently got me riled up.

Recently, the NIH has decided that groups doing preclinical medical research should use both male and female cells/animal in trials. Now while this has merit as male and female cells do have difference we need to stop and think. The fact is using different cell lines costs money and as such some groups are going to have to cut projects and experiments to be able to adhere to these policies. So while this is gender equality, what it in effect is doing is hindering progress. Now, you can scream as much as you want about equality, the fact is this is a dumb policy as in the broader sense it is hurting everyone.

Whats next, skin color as well? Its completely valid as sickle cell anemia occurs in black people more predominantly. Then we can cut more experiments. Then how about sexuality differences? Cut more experiments. In essence, some policies are stupid and we need to realize that.

The next dumb idea was implemented in Vancouver Canada and it concerns Transgender bathroom usage. This is an idiotic idea, unless they can offer a separate set of bathrooms for boys that identify as girls and girls that identify as boys.So you either need to build new toilets or allocate space appropriately..... or get rid of this completely stupid idea.

Now let me explain why. If you are not doing this you are infringing on the rights of children who identify with their sex they are born with. Imagine the straight boy that has to share the bathroom with a girl. Or the straight girls that has to share a bathroom with a boy. This is not fair even thought the transgender identifies this way there genitals do not.

While yes it may not be fair for the transgender either, the fact is most people are not transgender. As such we need to either get new bathrooms or not allow a policy that infringes on the rights of many. This is a stupid policy.

This is why I say I am not a liberal in the sense of the word that everyone applies.