Monday, 2 June 2014

Blame Satan and let the killer go

The recent shooting in Isla Vista California was terrible to say the least. After seeing this mans rant before he went on the spree makes you realise that he is seriously delusional. Yet, I will put my neck out and say that he was aware of what he was doing and there is no reason that he should end up in an asylum as he just needs hard time and lots of it. Preferably forever.

However, it was to my surprise that the people at WND seem to think that Satan is to blame for this. In fact they believe this human thing was channelling Satan himself, and this got me to thinking about this situation and how it applies to theists. If theists are blaming this on Satan, as that is in effect what channelling Satan means, then there are some conclusions that are horrific but need to be looked at seriously.

How can we prosecute this person and send them to jail. It was after all not them that committed this atrocity. If they were channelling Satan then it is completely wrong to send this person to jail. This is just an uncomfortable fact that you have to deal with. Otherwise you are saying that this person in fact did not channel Satan and they are culpable. In this case then Satan does not exist, and surely to most Christians then it throws doubt on if that other guy exists. You know the one with the white robe and flowing grey hair.


Maybe this explains why the Catholics are so fond of when covering up their crimes. It was after all not the priests fault for raping the alter boy. It was the fleshy temptation of the alter boy that made him rape. This is screwed up beyond belief, but this is the conclusion that you have to reach if you believe demons or Satan are behind these acts.

This is why theism is ridiculous.