Monday, 30 June 2014

And they call themselves believers.....tut tut

Here is just another reason in the long list of reasons that religion is not beneficial to anyone. If you are a Mulsim you will know that Ramadan starts Sunday, then again if you are a Muslim you are probably not reading this blog.


Ramadan however poses a problem for Muslim football players at the world cup.  These guys are faced with what in my opinion must be a very hard choice. Do you fast or do you do your job? Or to put it more eloquently, whats more important? God or job? Now there are reasons why a person does not have to fast during Ramadan but playing professional sport is not one of them. In fact these footballers can not use any excuse as they are wealthy enough to be able to observe Ramadan wherever they may be in the world.

Some players have already decided that their careers are more important than their god. I would congratulate them, but they are using dumb excuses when the only reason should be "Islam is dumb and I don't believe this bullshit written by a pedophile."

Personally, I think that it would be better just to leave all the Muslims at home and then not have to worry about them deciding at some point to stop performing at a peak level. Lets face it that you cannot perform as well as possible when you are fasting. Even if the FIFA doctors/scientists/etc. tell you otherwise.

So here we go another reason showing religion has the ability to destroy a fun worldwide event.