Wednesday, 28 May 2014

One size fits all in Christianity Identity

It is amazing that Christians believe their faith is so good, when you have people that classify themselves as Christian Identity who are using the same tenants to promote racism, anti-sematisim, homophobia etc. So what is this Christian Identity I am talking about? Well, Christian Identity is a form of Christianity that stems from British Israelism and their beliefs that the British are gods lost tribes of Israel. Whenever I write about these types of beliefs it astounds me what brilliant minds these people must have to come up with stories that fly in the face of reason, history, science and well everything else. If it was not so sad that it gets used for discrimination it would be worthy of fantasy writers awards.

This group does not only exist in the United States however as you get racists everywhere like the group down in Australia, who are not ashamed to say that whites are superior " not because we think that the white race is superior, but because there is overwhelming proof in support of this belief ". Generally all these groups believe in the same thing, and that is that white people are magnificent and glorious in the eyes of Yahweh and only they can go to heaven as they fill all the requirements.  Now, I do not have a problem with a person holding a racist view even if I think it is extremely stupid. The problem with these people is this. They hold this racist view based on the Bible and the word of God for which there is absolutely no evidence.

Its these same groups that had links to the Klu Klux Klan which most Christians shun. Now this is important, these groups use the same Bible other Christians use to prove what they are doing is correct. So, if you are a Christian and reading this I have one question for you and I want you to seriously think about the answer. How is your interpretation of the Bible any different to what these people are doing? Remember, your interpretation that certain things are a sin like homosexuality/pre-marital sex/abortion/contraception (which does not affect you) affects others peoples life when you take a vote or demonstrate.

Sadly these Christian Identity believers are as misguided as any other believer. Its just that what they believe is in the modern age less accepted.