Friday, 23 May 2014

Lulz idiots of the week - French Catholics

This week are not really idiots more than Lulz idiots. Seriously one of the funnier and most exciting pieces of news I have had to report yet.

It seems the Catholic Church in France is starting an adopt a priest program to get more money into the church. Now I have to say I am relying on the BBC here for correct information, as I cannot read the French but it looks legit. Anyway, the reason the church is doing this is that the numbers in the churches are dwindling and so they are trying to boost their tithe income. This is sort of surprising considering the outcry from the Catholic church in France during the passing of the gay marriage laws last year, but I guess protesting and giving money are two different things. Or said differently, its easier to use the church to approve of your homophobia than to actually believe the rubbish they come up with.

This is good news really, as it means the Catholic church is losing a hold in France. So much so that they are having money problems. Maybe we will see more of these churches closing and a country more liberated. Its strange to think that the French are not that liberated, but from their protests they do need to wake up.

So Lulz Idiot of the week has to be the French Catholic Church. To you I say thanks for the laughs.